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Tzu Chi University

Tzu Chi University was thus established in the eastern region of Taiwan, to raise the level of healthcare and education, while inspiring students to do good deeds and help others. The university upholds the motto of “kindness, compassion, joy and unselfish giving” and strives to nurture students into those who respect for life and care for living beings.

Tzu Chi University provides education from kindergarten through PhD. programs. The university is committed to strengthening the foundation of primary and secondary education while meeting the needs of post-secondary education. The ideal of a complete education is to fully develop students from both a professional knowledge standpoint and personal growth.

Tzu Chi University encourages students to continue lifelong learning and provides them with access to a broad range of resources. To implement the idea of a well-rounded education, students are expected to graduate with 33 general education credits; in addition to the core courses, TCU offers elective courses in five subject areas including sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences, and languages.

First year students are required to take “humanities and service course.” This is intended to guide the student to cultivate his or her own wisdom, to be an upright person, and to feel comfortable facing every encounter. Our students learn from true stories of Tzu Chi volunteers around the world; students will unlock potential in their own minds as they realize the beauty in helping others. We encourage our students to reach out to many charitable organizations in Hualian area and volunteer.

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