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Standards for Being a Good Student and Child ... continue 5

December 17, 2017

Chapter 4: Be Trustworthy

When you speak, honesty is important. Deceitful words and lies are not allowed. Rather than talking too much, it is better to speak less. Speak the truth, do not twist the facts. Cunning words, foul language, and bad habits must be avoided at all costs.

What you have not seen with your own eyes, do not readily tell to others. What you do not know for sure, do not readily pass on to others. When asked to do something that is inappropriate or bad, do not promise lightly.

If you do, you will be wrong either way. When speaking, make the words clear and to the point. Do not talk too fast or mumble.

Some like to talk about the good points of others, while some like to talk about the faults of others. If it is none of your business, do not get involved.

When you see others do good deeds, think about following their example. Even though your own achievements are still far behind those of others, you are getting closer. When you see others do wrong, immediately reflect upon yourself. If you have made the same mistake, correct it. If not, be extra cautious not to make the same mistake.

When your morals, conduct, knowledge, and skills are not as good as others, you should encourage yourself to be better. If the clothes you wear, and the food you eat and drink are not as good as others, do not be ashamed.

If criticism makes you angry and compliments make you happy, bad company will come your way and good friends will shy away. If you are uneasy about compliments and appreciative of criticism, sincere and understanding virtuous people will gradually be close to you.

If your mistake is not done on purpose, it is only an error. If it is done on purpose, it is evil. If you correct your mistake and do not repeat it, you no longer have the mistake. If you try to cover it up, you will be doubly wrong.


Standards for Being a Good Student and Child ... continue 4

December 5, 2017

Chapter 3: Be Cautious in Your Daily Life

Get up in the morning before your parents; at night, go to bed only after they have gone to sleep. When you realize that time is passing you by and cannot be turned back, and that you are getting older year by year, you will especially treasure the present moment.[19] When you get up in the morning, wash your face and brush your teeth. After using the toilet, always wash your hands. You must wear your hat straight,[20] and make sure the hooks[21] of yo...

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Standards for Being a Good Student and Child ... continue 3

November 29, 2017

Chapter 2: Standards for a Younger Brother When Away from Home

Older siblings should befriend the younger ones, younger siblings should respect and love the older ones. Siblings who keep harmonious relationships among themselves are being dutiful to their parents.[13]

When siblings value their ties more than property and belongings, no resentment will grow among them. When siblings are careful with words and hold back hurtful comments, feelings of anger naturally die out. Whether you are drinki...

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Standards for Being a Good Student and Child ...continue 2

November 18, 2017

Chapter 1: At home, Be Dutiful to Your Parents

When your parents call you, answer them right away. When they command you to do something, do it quickly. When your parents instruct you, listen respectfully. When your parents reproach you, obey and accept their scolding; try hard to change and improve yourself and start anew. In the winter, keep your parents warm; in the summer, keep your parents cool. Greet them in the morning to show them that you care. At night be sure that they rest well. Be...

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Standards for Being a Good Student and Child ...continue 1

November 18, 2017


Standards for Being a Good Student and Childwas taught by Chinese saints and sages of the ancient past.

First, it teaches you how to be dutiful to your parents, and how to be respectful and loving to your siblings.
Then it teaches you how to be cautious with all people, matters, and things in your daily life, and how to be a trustworthy person, and to believe in the teachings of the ancient saints and sages.

Furthermore, it teaches you to love all equally, and to be close to and learn fr...

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Standards for Being a Good Student and Child

November 18, 2017

Many of you will probably wonder what this book is all about. What is in this book that made it so important in ancient China? Can it still be relevant today? If we teach this book today, what can it do for us and what kind of influence will it have on our present society?

Di Zi Gui, in English, means standards for being a good student and child. It is an ancient Chinese book handed down to us from ancient Chinese Saints and sages. The source for the outline of this book was select...

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