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 A harmonious world begins in the mind

Chung Hua Cultural Education Centre is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. It is dedicated to the teaching of the human heart's purification, to building a stable, peaceful and harmonious society, to realising Chinese ethnic revival, and to promoting world peace through sincere, diligent and practical educations.

The centre strongly believes in leading a harmonious family and a joyful life and living in a secure and peaceful through the four teachings of ethics, moralities, cause-and-effect and wisdom. 

The teachings of saints and sages are drawn upon to train each and every individuals on how to have harmonious living and working environments. We utilize wisdom that has survived the test of time. This wisdom is interpreted into a contemporary context to promote a peaceful and stable society.

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China’s past achievement and historical experience have endowed it with the qualifications that the West so conspicuously lacks. On the strength of that achievement, China has a more promising chance of shepherding mankind into political unity than any other country.
◎ By Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee  湯恩比博士